St. Petersburg is rightfully considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is notable for the logicality of spatial composition, which was initiated in the beginning of the XVIII century by Russian Emperor Peter the Great and included strict straight streets, squares, as well as channels, numerous bridges, embankments, gardens and parks. The city is rich in outstanding palace and church architecture, monumental statues representing unique architectural ensembles. In 1990, the historic center of Saint Petersburg and related groups of monuments were included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage. The royal suburbs of St. Petersburg, such as Petergoff, Pushkin, Pavlovsk are also world famous and can be easily visited.

By the second part of May weather in St. Petersburg becomes pleasantly warm with daily temperatures up to 25 °C. This is the time of the White Nights, when it does not get completely dark even at midnight, and that is considered the best period to visit the city.

With more than 200 museums, 100 concert halls, 80 theatres, 45 art galleries and exhibition halls, St. Petersburg is officially recognized as  the “Cultural Capital” of Russia. We recommend you to book tickets to the ballet, opera, theatrical and orchestral performances in advance. The city’s biggest holiday is celebrated every year on May 27, the day in 1703 when Peter the Great laid the first stone of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the historic heart of St. Petersburg.

Apart from its cultural splendor, St. Petersburg has a long and rich history of ethnographic and anthropological research, and we believe that organization of the IUAES Congress in this city will contribute to the strengthening of international collaboration between scholars from all countries and regions of the world.

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There are more than 1000 hotels and hostels less than 3 km away from the venue of the Congress, for all kinds of budget. Hotels in St. Petersburg offer visitors relatively cheap accommodation in the central part of the city. City center is also rich in restaurants and cafes with good service and relatively small prices.

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The venue for the conference will serve the infrastructure of St. Petersburg State University, that is a world-leading centre of science and education. Around 38,000 students are pursuing education there, that includes both Russian and international students. University conducts research in almost all fields of knowledge, including anthropological and ethnographic studies.

Congress will be held in the main building of the Saint-Petersburg State University, known as the Twelve Collegia, and in the Department of History. Twelve Collegia is the historical complex of twelve buildings, that give an illusion of one enormous edifice. It is the largest building from the era of Peter the Great which remains in the city. Both the Twelve Collegia and Department of History are located in the central part of the city, at the Vasilevsky Island, next to the Kunstkamera and close to the Royal Hermitage, the Palace Square and many other main historical and cultural attractions of St. Petersburg.